Tulisa Contostavlos: 'Men are scared of me'

(BANG) - Tulisa Contostavlos thinks men are scared of her. The 'X Factor' judge has been single since splitting from 'Skins' actor Jack O'Connell earlier this year but admitted she would love to have a boyfriend, if only men didn't find her so threatening. She told LOOK magazine: ''There's nowhere for me to meet anyone. ''Men are scared of me and won't approach me. ''Even if I like someone and I'm fluttering my eyelashes, they still run a mile. So I wouldn't have dates if I didn't approach people. ''That's why I go for really tough lads because only they can handle it.'' Despite her successful TV and pop career, Tulisa insists she would give it all up for love. She said: ''Everything goes great in my career but my personal life has just been s**t. ''Fame and money - I don't give a c**p about all that stuff. ''If you could put me in a little house in the countryside with a picket fence, a husband, dogs and a family where I can feel love and happiness, I would trade that in a second.'' (C) BANG Media International