Jessica Biel: Communication is important

(BANG) - Jessica Biel believes her relationship with Justin Timberlake is ''impressive''. The 30-year-old actress - who is engaged to the singer-and-actor - thinks communication is one of the most important aspects of any union and values the fact she can be so open with the 'Social Network' star. She said: ''What do I value in a partner? Communication. Men and women speak a completely different language, so if you can communicate easily on a daily basis, that's pretty impressive. I have that with Justin.'' Despite being happy with Justin, Jessica does have some regrets, including the fact she did not finish college. She told Grazia magazine: ''I wish I had graduated college. I regret not spending time with my peer group, because at the time I had been working with adults for so long. ''I was being pulled in a bunch of different directions. It wasn't anybody's fault except my won. I was, like, 20, at the time, and chose to focus on acting. ''I have a great life, but if I could go back and get my college diploma and have a bit more of a social experience, I would.'' (C) BANG Media International