At a Playboy event

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Earlier on Wednesday, and after only 14 editions published in the SA market since launch, Playboy SA overtook the old stalwart, Huisgenoot, as the country's most talked about magazine on Facebook. This milestone follows on the back of another blow-away digital success when Playboy SA's viral video, Hair Through the Ages, recently went over 700,000 views on YouTube in its first ten days.

"Many people go to Facebook when they feel they have no live and need to connect with someone, even the boring girl from school they do not really want to know. What we have been able to create is quite the opposite ­ it is a lively community where people connect with our brand and our strong brand ambassadors, the Playmates, as well as with ideas and interesting content. And, they also get to know where they can meet all of us next week in real life," says Blake Horowitz, or "Digi-Dude" as he is affectionately known around the Playboy offices.

According to CEO, Charl du Plessis, this comes as no surprise. "We know from our pre-launch research that the demand for Playboy outstrips any other men's magazine in this country. Our biggest challenge has been getting our magazine in the hands of the consumer. What we have learnt over the past year is that we live in a very hypocritical society and that people prefer to read Playboy in private.

And digital platforms are exactly that, whether on a screen, tablet or phone. So, we are directing our attention progressively to the digital space, while firmly believing that there is room for a different experience reading a printed and collectible Playboy.

For those readers, we are moving towards a premium product print-to-order market eventually. Our digital subscription sign-ups are growing very fast, as just another indicator of the great match between our content and new platforms. And, we spoil our digital readers as we now offer them an alternative nude cover, as well as 50 extra pages of features and pictorials on every edition."

Playboy's July edition features Gary Player in The Interview slot, and also includes a hilarious 20 Questions session with Sasha Baron Cohen, in character as The Dictator.