17 May 2012 12:09 PM | By Emma Jones
Terminally Typecast Actors

The rom-com lead who's always clueless about dudes

Katherine Heigl (© ANDREW BURTON, RTR)
  • Reese Witherspoon (© MARIO ANZUONI, RTR)
  • Johnny Depp (© YURIKO NAKAO, RTR)
  • Michelle Rodriguez (© FRED PROUSER, RTR)
  • Katherine Heigl (© ANDREW BURTON, RTR)
  • Seth Rogen (© LUCAS JACKSON, RTR)
  • Michael Cera (© JIM URQUHART, RTR)
  • Hugh Grant (© MARIO ANZUONI, RTR)
  • Morgan Freeman (© GUS RUELAS, RTR)
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Katherine Heigl not only plays a typecast, but survives on a patented formula. She usually begins her movies as a socially awkward type-A workaholic who looks for love in all the wrong places. Later on, Heigl will meet a goofy guy she can't stand and will, through some unlikely scenario, have to spend time with, before realizing, "Hey, I'm actually in love with this slob of a man." The end. For further information regarding the Katherine Heigl formula, please refer to the films Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth and One For The Money. Diversify much? We're beginning to understand whyshe hated on her Knocked Up character so much.

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